Monday, June 10, 2013


IHLA Coordinator Job Posting:

Under the general direction of the President of the International and Heritage Language Association (IHLA) and in consultation with the Board of directors of IHLA, the Contractor agrees to provide the following services in the role of Coordinator of the association
  1. publish the IHLA newsletter (approximately 3/4 issues per year);
  2. organize and attend IHLA board meetings and any additional committee meetings as the IHLA board may deem necessary; 
  3. provide consulting and coordination services to IHLA members 9including support for internationally trained teachers, school curricula and governance matters);
  4. organize informational sessions, professional development sessions and any other such events for instructors and community-based school representatives;
  5. provide support to IHLA member schools and members to create and adapt resources to support their language classes;
  6. oversee the organization of IHLA annual events, including the International Mother Language Day and the IHLA anniversary celebration
  7. support the budgeting and reporting on expenses based on the proposal (specifically to assist the IHLA Treasurer) for monthly reports;
  8. provide any other such services as requested by he IHLA board and agreed upon by both parties.

Email or call the President for applications or inquiries at 780-468-717